I am neither a developer nor an operations professional. Nor am I as technical as I once was earlier in my career. But what I am is a DevOps fan!

While still relatively early in my DevOps journey, I am openly excited about everything DevOps! A portion of this excitement comes from the undeniable positive business results (reference DOES14 – Nicole Forsgren – DevOps and the Bottom Line). But the majority of my excitement comes from the people, the community, and the positive contributions DevOps is making to the many professionals and organizations that are committed to ‘Making things Better’ and ‘Making Awesome’!

While on my journey, I have been fortunate to meet and engage with some amazing individuals, all of whom have unequivocally welcomed me, taught me, shared their experiences with me, and helped me grow. They have shown genuine interest and understanding while offering their time, insights, and friendship. I can honestly attest to the fact that sharing and inclusion run deep within the DevOps community. For that I am grateful.

As a small means of spreading the DevOps culture to those just starting their journey, I am sharing a few resources that I found beneficial to my understanding and knowledge. While most of these resources were recently created (within the past year), a few stretch many years back (ex: The Goal which I first read in the early 90s).

My goals in providing this list are to offer expert insights into DevOps while extending the welcoming support I received.

Admittedly, this is not an exhaustive list, and if for that nature alone, I am sure that I have missed some amazing contributions by amazing people. My apologies in advance.

Additionally, I admit there may be a resource or two that do not seem to “fit’, but as Adam Jacob from Chef stated in his ChefConf 2015 Keynote (ref. Chef Style DevOps Kungfu – Adam Jacob Keynote – ChefConf 2015), each journey is unique to the practitioner.

Please review, enjoy, learn, and share your thoughts and suggestions.

Here’s to “Making Better!”, “Making Awesome!”, and “Making Us all Stronger!”.


Books / Audio

The Goal  The Phoenix Project  Scrum - The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time Continuous Delivery




Lean Enterprise The Lean Startup  Developing Lean Leaders Value Proposition Design






Everything from ChefConf 2015 :: Game On especially:


Everything from DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014 especially:

The Manifestos and Declarations

The Agile Manifesto

Declaration of Interdependence

The IT Revolution Manifesto

The Rugged Manifesto

The Twelve-Factor App


DevOps Café

Arrested DevOps Café

Food Fight

The Ship Show

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