Wagner LogoI am excited to announce that I am partnering with Wagner Resources LLC (WRI) as VP of Customer Development and Experiences.

In this role, I will work with WRI leadership to drive business growth by focusing on improving customer services and outcomes. I will be enhancing WRIs’ customer-centric, ‘one-company’ vision in order to improve client experiences and foster increased client acquisition, retention, and service qualities across WRI’s core offerings. I will be working directly with clients and WRI associates to better understand needs and desires, develop and position solutions, and to sell and deliver exceptional experiences.

As means of quick introduction, WRI provides capable, competent and committed professionals with a wide range of knowledge and skills needed to deliver services across four primary lines of business: FOIA Support, Administrative Management, Budget and Finance Support, and Information Technology Services. Additional highlights are:

FOIA Support

  • Full-scope FOIA / Privacy Act processing 
  • Declassification review 
  • Records management

Administrative Management

  • Budget – PPBE 
  • Budget – POM 
  • Accounting and Finance

Budget and Finance support

  • Secretarial and Clerical support
  • Event planning
  • Record management
  • Paralegal support
  • Travel management
  • Federal Advisory Committee support (FACA)

Information Technology services

  • Software application development
  • Software development support
  • Infrastructure support and service

To learn more about Wagner Resources LLC, please explore the Wagner Resources Capability Brief, Wagner Resources website, or contact me at: chris@christophersdonahue.com or @chris_s_donahue.

Additionally, an updated version of my resume is available here.

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