Aligning Futron to meet the needs of our 21st Century Federal customer.

To support our Federal customer amidst budgetary constraints, evolving requirements, and a mixture of technology and cultural risk, proper alignment of business services and capabilities is essential.  With this understanding, I have accepted the challenge of being Futron’s first VP of Business Development in order to provide the dedicated focus required to expand Futron’s capabilities and ensure alignment with 21st Century priorities.

Recognizing that Business Development means purely sales to many, my vision and commitment is to long-term value creation and sustainment. While quick revenue and profitability are important, early capture opportunities will be evaluated selectively as initial priority is capability development. Capture will increase over time as the fundamentals are assured. Commitments to the customer comes first.

In essence, I am investing in building long-term relationships committed to making our customers more successful with our IT Practice solutions.

As we start this journey, my initial focus will be on maturing our Agile and DevOps practices. By applying these methodologies across a range of Futron services, we strive to strengthen our Federal client’s IT investments, increase mission effectiveness, accelerate capabilities delivery, and strengthen cybersecurity while reducing risk.

As someone who has a strong interest in the application of Lean, Agile, and DevOps principles to create value and increase agency performance, I can’t wait for the next client iteration to begin.

To current and future Federal customers and partners, I look forward to the missions we support and the value we create together.


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