A soldier in Afghanistan needs on a robust enterprise infrastructure in the fight against Global Terrorism. A veteran in Pittsburgh is in need of medical care. A CIO in the mid-west needs assurances that system controls are operating correctly. A miner’s family in West Virginia is concerned over the safety of loved ones. Regardless of the need, the Mission remains the same – Create Innovative Solutions that Solve Real Challenges for Real People and Deploy them in a Professional Manner emphasizing Value, Transparency, and the utmost Ethics.

For the past 14 years, I have enjoyed meeting the unique challenges associated with leading teams in the capture and execution of various multi-million dollar Federal task orders, IDIQs, and GWACs. Whether discussing opportunities aimed at meeting an end client’s emergent need, evaluating procurement options with a Contracting Officer, developing a winning proposal response, or overseeing all aspects of a client engagement, I maintain a holistic and adaptive perspective; stressing key elements that drive customer value and mission success.

I am a self-confessed Geek of sorts – always pursuing opportunities to learn and improve my ability to help. Since my first days in the ‘Real World’, I quickly realized that there was much that I needed to learn.  Years later, not much has changed, unless you count the growing list of industry recognized certifications ranging from vendor specific credentials with Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware to vendor neutral credentials with PMI, ISACA, and Scrum.org.