Southern Fried Agile 2015

I am excited to participate in Southern Fried Agile 2015 next week.  The all-day event is scheduled for Thursday October 15 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Per the SFA’s website, the conference is targeting to ‘uncover ways to develop software and help others do it’. With a distinguished list of speakers, sponsors, and over 500 agile enthusiasts, I am looking forward to connecting with, learning from, and sharing with some of the best innovators, transformers, and practitioners in the field.

The schedule for this year includes five tracks: UX/People, Transformation, Foundation, Technical, Measurement. With great talks across these domains, there will be a discussion for everyone (or as in my case, a difficult decision as to which ones to join).

Additionally, there will be an opportunity to participate in Scott Ambler’s Disciplined Agile Master class Friday October 16. After meeting Scott during this years Agile Executive Forum, I admit that I am interested in taking one of his classes to learn more about Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD).  Even though I will not be able to join his class next week, I would recommend those interested in DAD to do so.

For more information, please contact me or check out: Southern Fried Agile, @sthnfriedagile, #SFA2015, Disciplined Agile Delivery

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Christopher S. Donahue

Experienced US Federal IT Partner | Proven Business Development Leader | Lean, Agile & DevOps Champion | Cyber-Security & Information Assurance Pro | Avid ‘Burgh Sports Fan | Scuba & Paddleboarder

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